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Vickerman & Associates is pleased to make available to interested parties electronic versions of recent industry presentations by John Vickerman.  Due to the number of requests received, and in an effort to provide prompt availability of the material, they can be found according to the name and date for the specific presentation.

To download a PDF copy of the presentation, please right-click on a link below. IMPORTANT – file sizes can be large and may require several minutes to download.

Industry Presentations (in PDF format)

Please feel free to use the information in the presentations as a resource, being aware that the material, as presented, is not intended to be directly applied to specific users, terminals, ports, intermodal or multimodal facilities. We hope you find the presentations informative.

All information, diagrams, drawings, plans, methods, techniques, and procedures included in the presentations are privileged information and may or may not comply with applicable industry, international, national, state, regional, and local regulatory requirements.

Disclaimer: The following PowerPoint Presentations have been used as part of invitational industry educational forums for maritime industry meetings having a nonprofit educational purpose and as a non-commercial undertaking that were intended to benefit the public and the marine industry.  Some images within the presentation(s) constitute a "fair use" as provided by Section 107 of the U.S. Copyright Law.  In accordance with Title 17 U.S.C. Code § 107, these internet images are displayed for strictly educational purposes of commentary, scholarship, teaching, and non-commercial reporting of research and investigations, and are not considered an infringement of copyright.

2020 Public Industry Presentations

2020 Grain & Feed Association of Illinois - Annual Convention (7.7 MB)

2019 Public Industry Presentations

2019 Ninth Rail Summit (7.7 MB)

2019 AAPA Executive Management Conference (12.4 MB)

2018 Public Industry Presentations

2018 AAPA Marine Terminal Mgt (14.1 MB)

2018 ISB-ISG Strategic Planning (15.7 MB)

2018 DDLA Annual Meeting (9.6 MB)

2017 Public Industry Presentations

2017 Rail Summit Chicago (9.3 MB)

2017 National Advanced MTSRU Workshop (21.3 MB)

NOPA 2017 Annual Meeting - Lodge at Torrey Pines CA (13.9 MB)

2016 Public Industry Presentations

NOAA Panama Canal Expansion Impacts (11.3 MB)

Delaware River Ports Supply Chain Workshop (9.0 MB)

AAPA 2017 Port Commissioner Seminar (10.9 MB)

2015 Public Industry Presentations

2015 CREW Cleveland OH Waterway Logistics (8.1 MB)

2015 USACC-12th S.E. Asia Conference (9.1 MB)

Northwest Farm Credit Services Directors Mtg. (15.4 MB)

2014 Public Industry Presentations

NACo Symposium on America's County Transportation, Grand Wailea, Maui (13.2 MB)

2014 CoBank Agribusiness CFO Conference (19.6 MB)

AAPA 2014 Marine terminal Management Training (9.3 MB)

2013 Public Industry Presentations

Navigating the 21st Century Marine Silk Highway – William & Mary College 4-6-2013 (9.0 MB)

9th JOPA Seminar Tokyo Japan February 13, 2013 (16.3 MB)

Webinar for the Forest Products Association of Canada 2-6-2013 (16.2 MB)

2012 Public Industry Presentations

EDCEC Erie Shippers Conf. – Erie PA 5-24-12 (11.5 MB)

Nature Conservatory Joint Trustees – Chesterton IN 5-18-12 (12.4 MB)

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