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Vickerman & Associates provides unparalleled industry knowledge and expertise in strategic master port and intermodal planning and design. The global marketplace demands goods be moved quickly, reliably and efficiently at competitive rates. Ports and intermodal terminals are critical nodes in a vast transportation and supply chain system.

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Meet the Affiliated principals:

john Vickerman

Phone: (757) 345-2560

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Allan Finger

Tel: 757-565-9515

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Ralph Cox

Phone: (757) 345-2560

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George Gefrich

Tel: (617) 429-2627

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Anthony Taormina

Tel: (805) 844 4433

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Tom Russo

Tel: (571) 278-2741

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We are known as the pre-eminent port and intermodal industry visionary providing:

  • Significant International Experience
  • Operations Analysis
  • Existing Productivity Increases
  • Future Strategic Planning for Expansion

We prepare you for the future by:

  • Increasing operational efficiency
  • Responding to technology advances
  • Applying "green" design principles for sustainable development

Words can never express my regard for John Vickerman's professionalism and enthusiasm as he was instrumental in guiding the planning and development of the Louisiana International Gulf Transfer Terminal (LIGTT), a strategic international port venue that will positively impact the shipping industry in North America and the world.

State Senator A. G. Crowe, Louisiana, President, LIGTT Port Commission

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