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Anthony Taormina

Anthony Taormina

Anthony Taormina

E-Mail: portdirections@earthlink.net 

Tel: (805) 844 4433

Mr. Taormina has served in senior management positions in the United States Port Industry since 1974.  He is currently the Principal / Director of Portdirections LLC, a California limited liability company, and serves as an Affiliated Principal to Vickerman and Associates for port authority management, governance, infrastructure and capital development planning, and strategic planning implementation.

As a senior manager, Mr. Taormina has been responsible for the preparation and implementation of Port Strategic Plans, Operational Plans, Security and Policy Manuals, and public-private partnerships for development of specific marine terminals.  Mr. Taormina served as a Port Authority Chief Executive Officer on three United States seacoasts:

  • Chief Executive Officer, Oxnard Harbor District, Port of Hueneme, California (Automobile, Fresh Fruit, and Container Operations)
  • Director of the Tacoma Automobile Business Line, Port of Tacoma, Washington. (Commercial Property Management and General Cargo Operations)
  • Chief Executive Officer, Port of Palm Beach, Florida (Container, Bulk Cargo and Cruise Operations)
  • Director of the Mississippi State Port Authority, Gulfport, Mississippi (Containers, Bulk, and General Cargo Operations)
  • Acting Port Director and Deputy Director of Research and Development, Port of San Francisco, California (Commercial Property Management and General Cargo Operations)

In his management capacity, Mr. Taormina has been directly responsible for the financing, planning, design, and implementation of many port and infrastructure projects and has also been directly responsible for the preparation, implementation and management of port strategic, operational, and security / safety plans and policies.

Leadership Positions

  • President of the California Association of Port Authorities
  • Board member American Association of Port Authorities
  • Chair of the Transportation Research Board, National Academy of Science, Port and Channel Committee
  • Member of the California Governor's Advisory Committee on Port / Maritime Security and Chair of the Science and Technology Committee
  • Advisor to the US Navy Postgraduate School, Center for Asymmetric Warfare.

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