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The Western Arkansas Intermodal Authority (WAIA) highly recommends Vickerman & Associates, and more importantly, Mr. John Vickerman, as a Consulting Firm in the Economic Development of an Intermodal Facility in our Region. WAIA spent multiple years pursuing the development, design, and construction of a publicly funded Intermodal Facility and all that that entails (Government Bureaucracy, Army Corps of Engineering Permits, Environmental Approvals, etc.). We consider ourselves very fortunate that one of our local elected officials happen to hear Mr. Vickerman speaking at a conference and invited him to come visit our team and provide input to our process here in Western/Northwest Arkansas. Almost immediately upon his arrival, Mr. Vickerman began to educate, partner, and lead us into a new type of development, deSign, and construction of an Intermodal Facility. It was clear that his expertise was invaluable as we went forward. His engagement with our four local municipalities, our elected officials, and most importantly, his relationships with the "outside world" were all key to the process we are now involved with. I, on behalf of the Western Arkansas Intermodal Authority (WAIA), highly recommend Vickerman & Associates. We are extremely pleased with the results that our almost two-year relationship with Mr. Vickerman has generated.

Senator Mat Pitsch, Western Arkansas Intermodal Authority Consultant

I consider John Vickerman the foremost maritime consultant in the world.  The reason – John challenges you at every opportunity to think outside of the box and do everything possible to make your project the most advanced and sustainable in its field.  That is why John has been our prime Maritime Consultant since the start of our project.

Bob Stevens, CEO, Melford International Terminal, Inc.

In 2009 Plaquemines Parish embarked on an ambitious plan to evaluate our existing Port structure in order to determine our growth potential. During the process of interviewing firms that would have the expertise and experience to produce a realistic product, I had the good fortune of meeting John Vickerman. John became an integral member of the team assigned the task of developing our Port Master Plan. The plan that was approved has become our road map for future Port development in Plaquemines Parish and Vickerman and Associates played a huge role it the development of this comprehensive document.

Dr. Stuart J. Guey, Jr., Plaquemines Parish Council
Plaquemines Parish, Louisiana

Over the past thirty-five years of service to the U.S. Maritime / Port Industry, I had the distinct pleasure of working directly with Mr. John Vickerman to develop and implement Port Marketing and Strategic Plans. In each case, the implementation plan and program resulted in sustained growth and development for a "specialized and niche" port. The success of the Port and the plan resulted from a "Planning Framework and Process" introduced by the Vickerman & Associates Team to the decision making process. This proven framework and process is still used by Vickerman & Associates whether evaluating a market, security risks, business opportunities, or investments by either a public or private entity.

For each of my projects, Vickerman & Associates assembled an "Interdisciplinary Team" to assess, evaluate and address the needs of the specific port and its relationship to the larger worldwide industry. A Vickerman & Associates Team consists of subject-matter experts appropriate to the project with John Vickerman as the Team Leader. The Vickerman & Associates approach maintains an ability not only to provide today's solutions but also to ensure the project will be sustainable to meet future challenges and technological changes.

Leading Vickerman & Associates, Mr. John Vickerman provides to a Client and the Clients' stakeholders the highest level of commitment, enthusiasm and passion for the project. The success of the project is the first and foremost commitment given by Mr. Vickerman to the Client.

Anthony J. Taormina, Principal, Portdirections LLC,
Past Port Executive Director of Four US Niche Ports,
Short Line Railroad Executive

I have known John Vickerman both personally and professionally since 1987. In my opinion, he is the most knowledgeable, experienced and proficient professional in North America regarding port planning, economics, design, and operations. His advice and counsel have been sought by, and provided to, not only ports, but also a variety of related organizations, including shipping lines, terminal operators, railroads, trucking companies, and stevedores. I am pleased and honored to provide an unqualified endorsement of Mr. Vickerman and his colleagues at Vickerman & Associates.

Collister 'Terry' Johnson, Jr., Former Administrator of the
Saint Lawrence Seaway Development Corporation (SLSDC),
U.S. Department of Transportation

Over the last 34 years, the Virginia Port Authority (VPA) and Virginia International Terminals (VIT) have worked with John Vickerman on many occasions and have always found that the results of the studies he performed could be used in future years to make sure that Virginia stayed on the right track moving forward. I am glad to recommend Vickerman & Associates to any organization because I am sure that they will be most satisfied with the end result of John's work.

Joseph A. Dorto, President and CEO,
Virginia International Terminals, Inc.

John Vickerman and his team have provided visionary planning and expert institutional knowledge to the Port of New Orleans through some challenging times. Their expertise served the Port and the entire maritime community of the Lower Mississippi River well. In today's increasingly competetive global market, it's important to have the right information you can rely on and John delivers.

Gary LaGrange, President and CEO,
Port of New Orleans

Having not only had the opportunity to employ John's services directly, but also knowledge of several projects he and his associates have worked on, I have no reservations in recommending his services. He brings a unique knowledge and perspective to the table that I find lacking in others. We truly find his guidance and recommendations has allowed us to stay ahead of the curve.

Marc Leblanc, Corporate Manager, Logistics, Tembec

As a 46 year veteran of the shipping and port industry, 20 years as a Vice President of a major liner operator, and 26 years as Executive Port Director/CEO of the 16th largest port in the United States, I have had numerous occasions to enlist the aid of John Vickerman and his team. From simple advice on a project to a very detailed, deep drilled strategic master plan for my port, John and his team have always, without fail been spot on with his detailed approach and finished product. Vickerman & Associates produces a product that one can act on, on time and on budget. Even though I am now retired, I can say without hesitation without Vickerman & Associates' assistance, my former port would not be in the position it is today.

I would encourage anyone needing assistance in the fields of port planning, logistics or any other discipline related to John Vickerman's talents to contact him. You will not be disappointed.

A.J. 'Pete' Reixach, Former Executive Port Director and CEO,
Port of Freeport, Texas

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